• 223/5.56 Front Sight Base (FSB) Jig

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    Front Site Base (FSB) installation jig 

    This jig is used to install undrilled front sight bases on undrilled barrels. Can be used to used to install undrilled FSB's on previously drilled barrels using certain setups. 

     Cold rolled carbon steel
     CNC machined
     Slotted locations for carbine, midlength and rifle gas systems
     Includes 1/4"-28 tpi soft point set screw,  8-36tpi x 1" cap screw for FSB, one #31 HSS bit, 1/8" hex key and a 9/64" hex key.
     Assembled with button head cap screws


    Please E-mail me for PDF instructions.


    The use of this product does NOT guarantee a properly indexed front sight base.  Machinist should independently confirm proper jig square and sight alignment before drilling the front sight base and barrel. Jigs can be bumped out of square and should be checked prior to use. If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email. Thanks!