• 1C Gas Block Dimple Jig C 0.420" Centers (YHM, Spikes, Troy, DD MK12, Seekins, Geissele)


    Gas Block Dimple Jig:

    0.420" center to center on holes, will work with YHM, Spikes, Troy, DD MK12, Seekins, Geissele and gas blocks with 0.750 bore and 0.420" spaced holes, can also be used on 0.625 pencil barrels with use of adapter sleeve. Can also be used with most gas blocks since the location under the gas port is always the same.

    1045 carbon steel
    Drilling side heat treated
    Media blasted and Manganese Phosphate finish
    Includes pointed and soft point set screws
    11/64" drilling holes

    BONUS: When buying from BRDE, the jig includes a 11/64" HSS jobber drill bit and a 3/32" hex key.


    Please email me for PDF instructions.


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