Paying by Credit Card

PayPal is the CC processing company we use. You can use your PayPal account or you can select PayPal at the payment screen and then choose pay without PayPal account on the second screen and use your CC normally.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are handled on a case by case basis. Please email at us at for details. A restock fee of 25% may be charged on returns. No returns or exchanges accepted 30 days after receipt of order.

Note on Melonite or Nitride Parts

Melonite or Nitride treated barrels and gas blocks have a very hard surface. Standard HSS drill bits that are included with out tools are not hard enough to cut this surface. If you are dimpling or drilling for pinning, you will need hard tooling. I have had mixed luck using cobalt drills. In this application, I recommend using carbide drills. They are substantially higher cost but in the end will save much frustration. We try to keep the #31 and 11/64" carbide drills in stock but typically will order them in.

What dimple jig do I need for my X Brand gas block?

Our 1A, 1B and 1C PRO dimple jigs have a 0.765" bore to easily fit the standard 0.750" gas block journal on most AR barrels. We do offer an adapter sleeve that reduces the bore to fit on the 0.625" pencil barrel gas block journal. The different model gas blocks have different set screw hole spacing. They are 1A 0.460", 1B 0.500" and 1C 0.420" as measured center of hole to center of hole. You can measure the centers of you gas block and use the jig that matches your hole spacing. Keep in mind that all of the jigs locate one dimple under the gas port. For bull barrels, we offer single dimple jigs in a 0.875" bore and 0.938" bore. When using a jig to locate one dimple, the second dimple can be located by using the gas block and marking by installing the set screw and removing. You can then install the jig by eye over the mark. Not as precise as using a two dimple jig but will get the job done. We also have our hex triple dimple jig that has all 3 spacings in one jig. Finally we have our 1AU universal dimple jig that has an adjustable set screw spacing.

Can you make me a custom dimple jig or drilling jig?

Short answer yes, we have some in house machining capabilities as well as job shop contacts but the time required for us to fabricate a custom jig can be cost prohibitive. If you are interested in a custom jig, we would be happy to provide you a quote. We can also do custom work to our existing line of jigs, such as a split universal jig. Any in house custom work is billed a $50/hr, again we can provide an estimate for your custom work.

Can you install my gas block or FSB?

No, we don't offer any gunsmithing services.

What do I need to pin my gas block?

You will need to install the gas block on the barrel and retain with the set screws. I recommend installing on dimples since this will time the gas block with the gas port and will in some cases get the set screws flush with the bottom of the gas block. You will need the jig that matches your gas block. Our jigs are generally hand fit to a sample gas block. Included with the jig is a HSS #31 drill. With the gas block installed on the barrel you can install the jig on the gas block and drill with the included HSS #31 drill or separately purchased carbide drill on nitride/melonite barrels or gas blocks.  With this all done you will need the following to complete.

Pin and matching reamer: You can choose from solid 2/0 taper pins, solid 1/8" dowel pins or 1/8" heavy duty coiled roll pins. With the 2/0 taper pins you will need a 2/0 taper reamer to ream the hole to accept the pin. Care must be taken to not to ream too deep. With either the 1/8" dowel or coiled roll pin, you will require a 0.1247" dowel pin chucking reamer.

On the Geissele gas block, you will use a 3/16" drill to drill for the pin included with the gas block.

Pins - we offer pins for sale to complete your project. If your are looking for bulk pins or a better cost per pin, we source our pins from McMaster Carr.

How do you use the 2AU Universal System?

These blocks use the exposed gas block journal in front of the gas block to index and position the drilling arm. The drilling arm is adjustable for use on various gas blocks and we have blocks that fit the 4 most common gas block journals. You can also get around setting up on the gas block journal when using the rear block, muzzle block some small C clamps and a piece of flat bar to bridge the assembly. This system is very versatile versus a standard block type jig. However the block type jigs require less set up time.

What is the difference between the standard and PRO jigs?

The standard dimple jigs are heat treated for wear resistance, the PRO dimple jigs have replaceable hardened drill inserts on the drilling side. These are press fit and can be replaced when worn.

The standard drilling jigs are not hardened. The PRO jig has a hardened drill insert on one side that is retained by a set screw.

How do I verify what drilling jig fits my gas block or get a custom drilling jig made?

Unfortunately with all the various manufacturers of gas blocks we don't know always know what fits what. To compound the problem, the manufactures can change the specs as well. If you want to know what jigs fits, please provide the following dimensions.

  • Overall Height
  • Width at the barrel bore (outside diameter)
  • Width at the gas tube bore (outside diameter)

With that information we can generally provide the correct jig or quote a custom jig. A photo can also help to make sure there isn't any other anomaly that needs to be accounted for.

Do you offer discounts to Dealers/Manufacturers/LEO etc.

Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts on normal quantity orders. If you are dealer looking to resell our jigs and are looking for a quantity discount, we can offer discounts on orders of 10 or more units of a jig type. We cannot offer discount on any products other then our jigs or tools.

Inventory and Stock Level

We attempt to maintain an accurate stock level on our website. If it shows in stock we should have it on hand. Sometimes jigs listed in stock need to be fabricated, this can take up to 10 days to get done as I work on the road and work on jigs on the weekends. We also try to keep our main page updated with the status of incoming jig batches. Some items are listed as special order, these items may be on hand or may need to be assembled or picked up from our vendors. If you have a question on the status of a jig or of your order, please send us an email.

Anything not covered here, please email We typically reply in a few minutes.