• 2AU-MB Universal Gas Block Drilling Muzzle Block


    The BRDE Universal gas block drilling jig is our next generation of drilling jig, a more versatile and cost effective tool. However, being more versatile, it does take a bit more time to set up and use. Blocks can be purchased by the set or a-la-cart. To drill a gas block, at the minimum, you will need the front block and drilling arm. 

    This item is the optional 1/2"-28 threaded muzzle block only. This is used for setting up the jig when needed to support the front of the barrel in a drill press or when needed to set up the front drilling block off the gas block journal as pictured.

    Cold rolled carbon steel 2" x 2" square
    Manganese Phosphate finish

    The  jig is a combination of blocks used to set up barrels to drill many gas block/barrel assemblies. The set requires exposed gas block journal in front of the gas block to index. If this is not the case, you may still use the block but will need our rear plate and a backer plate and clamps (not included) to index the front block. If your gas block has a pilot hole or flat already drilled, it may not align with this jig's drilling arm. You will have to set up on the opposite side of the pilot.