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Gas Block Dimple jig:

0.460" center to center on holes, will work with Vltor, Rainier and BCM gas blocks with 0.750 bore, can also be used on 0.625 pencil barrels with use of adapter sleeve shown below. Can also be used with most gas blocks since the location under the gas port is always the same.

1045 carbon steel
Drilling side heat treated
Sand blasted and Manganese Phosphate finish
Includes pointed and soft point set screws
11/64" drilling holes

$55.00 Delivered - Email for Stock status

Custom jigs avalable upon request, email for quote.

Payment by check or money order contact for mailing address.

Or purchase from one of our dealers:
Bravo Company USA link
Rainier Arms Link
Brownells Link


Thanks to Rey Josue for the photos.

Video use of Dimple jig by a customer.

My overview of the dimple and drilling jigs.

Dimple jig adapter sleeve for use on 0.625" Barrels:

0.750" OD x 0.625" ID
Carbon steel
Manganese Phosphate finish
Includes set screw to hold in dimple jig

$25.00 Delivered - IN STOCK


Single hole dimple jigs:

Available in 0.625", 0.875" and 0.938" bores
Carbon steel collar
11/64" ID Hardened steel drill insert, Rockwell C61-65
Pointed set-screw for gas port alignment

Black oxide finish
No vise flats

$50.00 delivered - made to order, 1 week lead time

Gas Block Drilling Jig:

The BRDE  gas block drilling jigs are used to drill various gas blocks for pinning. See specs and various models below.

Cold rolled carbon steel
Waterjet and CNC machined opening
Manganese Phosphate finish

#31 drill hole
Includes 1/4"-28tpi x 3/8" soft point set screw
Includes on #31 jobber drill bit (only when purchased from BRDE)

BRDEJIG2A - Will work with Vltor, BCM and Rainier** 0.750 bore gas blocks.
$65.00 Delivered - IN STOCK
 **Jig may require fitting to fit the Rainier block as it is about 0.010" taller then the Vltor and BCM

BRDEJIG2B 0.625 Vltor - Will work with 0.625" Vltor block
$65.00 Delivered - IN STOCK

BRDEJIG2C2 0.625 BCM - Will work with 0.625" BCM block with a height of 1.340" and the older 1.280" high.
$65.00 Delivered - IN STOCK

BRDEJIG2D - Will work with Spikes 0.750 bore gas blocks. This starts as a standard blank and is drilled and hand fit to a Spikes block

$100.00 Delivered - 1-2 week turn around

Payment by check or money order contact for mailing address.

Or purchase from one of our dealers:
Bravo Company USA link
Rainier Arms Link
Brownells Link


Front Site Base (FSB) installation jig - IN STOCK

Cold rolled carbon steel
CNC machined
Slotted locations for carbine, midlength and rifle gas systems
Includes 1/4"-28 tpi soft point set screw and 8-36tpi x 1" cap screw for FSB
Assembled with button head cap screws

$180.00 Delivered USPS Priority 

Email for confirmation of order and payment address. Payment by check or money order.


The use of this product does NOT guarantee a properly indexed front sight base.  Machinist should independently confirm proper jig square and sight alignment before drilling the front sight base and barrel. Jigs can be bumped out of square and should be checked prior to use. If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email. Thanks!

BRDE Barrel Wrench 

3/8" thick A36 carbon steel plate
CNC Machined
7 - 3/16" pins, 1/2" of exposed pin, ASME B18.8.2 alloy steel pins, 5900 lb breaking strength

$60.00 Delivered - OUT OF STOCK

Payment by check or money order contact for mailing address.

BRDE Modified Trigger Guard

Magpul MOE base trigger guard
Drilled/Tapped and 3 stainless steel helicoils installed
Includes three 4-40 button head cap screws

$15.00 Delivered - IN STOCK

Payment by check or money order contact for mailing address.

Magpul ETG shown for demonstration only

Dimple jigs and gas block drilling jigs can be purchased from the following retailers:
Bravo Company USA
Rainier Arms

Other Tools and Parts Avalable:

Lavallee & Ide USA made 2/0 spiral taper reamer       $31.00     IN STOCK
#31 HSS Jobber drill bits                                              $2.00       IN STOCK
Stainless Steel 2/0 x 3/4" taper pin                               $2.00       IN STOCK
Stainless Steel 2/0 x 5/8" taper pin                               $2.00       IN STOCK
11/64" HSS Jobber drill bits                                          $2.00       IN STOCK
Dimple Jig pointed set screw                                        $1.00       IN STOCK
Dimple Jig soft point set screw                                     $2.00       IN STOCK
Driling jig and FSB Jig soft point set screw                   $2.00       IN STOCK
FSB Jig 8-36 FSB screw                                               $1.00       IN STOCK

Payment by check or money order contact for mailing address. Package pricing available.

BRDE - History
BRDE was started by Jake Carlson in 2006 with a thread on to manufacture a dimple jig. After inital batch of 50 units, I started looking for dealers to sell them, thats when Rainier Arms and Bravo Company USA stepped up to help me build the business. Since then I have come out with the drilling jigs and the popular FSB jig.

My background includes a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of North Dakota and 14 years in industry, including project engineering, maintenance engineering, mainenance manangement and reliability engineering. I've used my industry contacts to manufacture these products at a reasonable cost. I've been building AR15 rifles since 1997 and these products have come from the needs I noted as building them.  

If you have any  questions please e-mail me at


BRDE/Jake Carlson does not claim responsibility for the use of these products. These tools should be used by qualified persons familiar with machining and gunsmithing processes.

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